Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Outrage in the Cathedral (yawn)

I haven’t posted on it yet. But, yes, I’ve been watching the controversy over former Iranian Khatami being invited to speak at the Episcopal National Cathedral.

Three bishops have now spoken out against this outrage.

But it may surprise you that I’m not particularly outraged about it. Oh, it is an outrage. But this sort of thing is what I’ve come to expect from libchurches. Instead of outrage, my reaction is more “There they go again. :yawn:”

For libchurches have a wonderful talent for aligning themselves with evil. Back in the Cold War, they aligned themselves with Communism. They for many years have aligned themselves with abortionists. (Those two outrages were among those driving me out of the Presbyterian Church years ago.)

Where do they get that amazing talent? Well, as the Church Lady would say, “Could it be SATAN!?”

So now they are beginning to align themselves with Iran’s propaganda effort. How predictable.

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