Monday, September 25, 2006

More on the Camp Allen Letter

I dismissed the Camp Allen Letter rather quickly on Friday. Perhaps, I dismissed it too quickly.

Bishop Iker has commented on the meeting and the letter in an interview with Greg Griffith. His comments make me and others feel better about the letter.

I still have serious misgivings about it, though. I think I can understand the wisdom of getting as many genuine “Windsor bishops” as possible on board. But we cannot water down orthodox leadership to make the more timid bishops comfortable. The Network bishops must lead and lead with strength whether or not that makes other bishops uncomfortable.

Deferring to the usual timid, tepid churchly leadership of non-Network bishops who try too hard not to offend and want too much to remain part of an apostatizing denomination will not do and will further alienate the remaining orthodox.

As a sample of that alienation, read some of the comments to the above linked interview. North American orthodox Anglicans have had enough. And they are ready to be led with trumpets, not with timid statements calling for more meetings, more patience, and yet more working within the Episcopal Church.

Yes, there is a time for patience. But there is also a time to say, “Enough!” That time is close to . . . now.

These non-Network Windsor bishops should be welcomed to follow. But, as the Camp Allen statement illustrates, they must not be allowed to lead.

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