Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Interesting Interview of Bishop Duncan

Over at Stand Firm, I came across this very interesting interview of Network Leader Bishop Duncan.

This online video is a ministry of AnglicanTV.org

The interview contains some interesting tidbits about the failed New York Summit. Two things stand out.

First, I find it disturbing that the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative to the summit hadn’t even bothered to read the petition asking for APO. That is incredible and begs the question: Does +++Rowan take the expressed need of orthodox North America dioceses and parishes for relief seriously?

His creating the Panel of Reference in such a manner that it has become a glorified circular file for petitions for relief and now this glaring omission by his representative is disconcerting. I sincerely hope I’m being alarmist, but still. . . .

I suspect I’m not the only one looking askance at +++Rowan’s attitude toward petitions for relief. Frankly, I would not be surprised if the Archbishop is told by certain Primates in February, “Enough! If you don’t take action to relieve the faithful in North America, we will!”

Second, speaking of action, the interview makes it clear to me that Network action on behalf of beleaguered parishes under revisionist bishops may be coming soon. There is Bishop Iker’s bold statement at the summit mentioned near the beginning of the interview that this was the last meeting about “process” he planned to attend and that “after this, it’s action.”

+Duncan drolly notes that after +Iker’s statement, “the nature of the meeting changed.”

Then watch Bishop Duncan beginning about 18:30 into the video. He pretty much says that now that the Windsor Report has been rejected by the Episcopal Church, the Network is no longer obliged to follow its restraints should parishes ask him or +Iker for help. He looks to me like a man who intends to take action on behalf of isolated orthodox parishes.

Methinks things are about to get even more interesting.

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