Tuesday, May 02, 2006

”Piffle” from Province IV

Province IV of the Episcopal Church had their Synod over the weekend. This is one of the more conservative areas of ECUSA. But you wouldn’t know it from their actions . . . if "actions" is the appropriate word, and it's not.

They had an opportunity to give the upcoming General Convention strong guidance to get in line with the rest of the Anglican Communion. There were somewhat strong resolutions proposed along those lines.

But what did they do? First, they muzzled the bloggers and banned computer use on the floor.

Then they gutted the resolutions and passed this joke.

The passed resolution proposes nothing, and it does so with such holy sanctimony. They “commit” themselves to “prayerful and careful consideration . . . and to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we prepare” for the General Convention.

Hey! Leave the Holy Spirit out of your mainline wimpery! He’s not a gutless wonder like you people!

I heard this sort of flummery in the mainline Presbyterian Church – doing nothing worthy of Christ, but doing it oh so “prayerfully.” It makes me want to vomit.

You want to see why men flee mainline churches? Look at cowardly inactions like this resolution dressed up in sanctimonious language. No real man would produce or respect this tripe.

Charlie Sutton called it “piffle.” And that may be the best printable word for it. I cannot see how people who claim to be Christian can pass religious piffle like this, when action is called for, and look at themselves in the mirror afterwards. Shame! Shame!

If this is what Province IV produces, I can hardly wait for General Convention.

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