Monday, May 08, 2006

The Death March Road to General Convention: A Straight White Man?!?

Well, I told ya the Diocese of California probably wouldn’t be able to resist electing one of the gay candidates as bishop. So they elected . . . a straight white man, +Mark Andrus. The gay candidates didn’t even come close.

Now, +Andrus is no moderate, of course. But apparently, the diocese listened to 815 and to the House of Bishops when they strongly hinted another practicing gay bishop would not be welcomed at this time. One wonders if the mess of the past three years would have been averted if 815 and the House of Bishops had made similar noises before New Hampshire’s bishop election in 2003.

I had also suggested that California, by electing a gay bishop, would make a fudgefest at General Convention impossible. It looks like I’m wrong on that one as well. I expect fudge galore now.

I think Chris Johnson’s take is now right: General Convention will resolve little.

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