Thursday, May 04, 2006

Anglican Use Conspiracy Conference

The latest issue of Touchstone has a modest advertisement that caught my attention. It’s a print version of this.

The Anglican Use Society, which promotes Anglican Use liturgy in the Roman Catholic Church and lures entices encourages Anglo-Catholics to cross the Tiber, is putting on a conference called “Conversion to Catholicism.” Pretty subtle, eh?

There’s some very interesting speakers scheduled. The keynote is Avery Cardinal Dulles. That’s quite a coup having him there.

But what’s even more interesting is the timing of the conference – June. Yep, right around ECUSA General Convention -- just when some of my Anglo-Catholic friends in ECUSA will have some decisions to make, and perhaps when they run out of straws.

I would rather Anglo-Catholics who feel they must depart the Episcopal Church migrate to Continuing Anglican bodies such as the APA. Anglicanism loses when it loses such fine people. But I understand and respect those who feel the Catholic Church is the way to go.

And I certainly commend the Anglican Use Society (although I’m having a little fun with this) on the shrewd timing of their conference, and for being much more welcoming to Anglo-Catholics than many Episcopal dioceses. Their conference -- and its timing -- is a brilliant idea.

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