Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Death March Road to General Convention

The Episcopal Church’s General Convention is coming up in June, and things are getting interesting again. (What was that Chinese curse?) Yesterday, I ranted talked about Province IV wimping out, which doesn’t bode well for the national meeting in Columbus.

Now it’s come out that the Archbishop of Canterbury has . . . scheduling conflicts – yeah, that’s the ticket – and, gosh, just can’t make General Convention. And who can blame him? Heck, I wonder how the Lords of Canterbury managed to stomach every General Convention since the 1950’s.

I find it ironic that the Archbishop’s scheduling conflict has him consulting to try to keep the Anglican Communion from splitting. “I’m sorry I can’t attend. But I’ll be busy trying to clean up the mess you made.”

The mess may get messier this Saturday. The Diocese of Sodom California elects a bishop that day. Do you think they will be able to resist electing one of the three gay candidates? I didn’t think so. Well, if they do, General Convention must vote on whether to consent, which should make that august meeting that much more . . . interesting.

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