Friday, May 26, 2006


This has me so angry, I’m having trouble getting my thoughts together enough to write an intelligible post.

It isn’t enough that liberal Episcopal bishops practically turn perversion into a sacrament. It’s now becoming clear certain of them willfully protect sexual abuse of children in their midst.

Pseudobishop William Swing has knowingly allowed sexual predator John Bennison to continue as a priest in his diocese for thirteen years. If that name sounds familiar, he’s the brother of infamous Pennsylvania Pseudobishop Chuck Bennison. And, yes, Chuckie has a role in trying to sweep this under the rug, writing at least one letter to try to keep people quiet.

A 14 year old girl was one of the victims. You can read more details on the link above. I wouldn’t do so when people are around, though. I was so angry, I literally roared with outrage.

And it is no coincidence that the two (or more?) bishops involved knee-deep in this outrage are uberliberals. Just like it was no coincidence that the worst diocese in the Catholic sex abuse scandal was liberal Boston. When you have little or no standards in doctrine, practice, and ordination, then anything goes. No telling what hell you invite into your diocese . . . and tolerate.

I’ve had it with these people. They deserve no respect. All they deserve is a first class defrocking and perhaps jail time.

Don’t be surprised if this blows up going into General Convention. It should blow up in the liberals’ faces. It should be made to blow up in their faces. There should be hell to pay for this. ECUSA has tolerated all sorts of liberal outrage for years. Now, it’s become clear that at least two liberal bishops have tolerated even this.

But then don’t be surprised if nothing comes of this. A church that will put up with -Bennisons and -Swings in doctrine will put up with -Bennisons and -Swings in practice.

UPDATE: And the blowing up may have just begun. According to Google Blog Search (which is good, but not perfect), mine was only the second blog to cover this. But now titusonenine is on it. This may become impossible to ignore now.

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