Monday, May 01, 2006

Energy and Education Update

Thanks for the prayers last week for my energy and for discernment about further education.

My energy has greatly improved. Heck, Saturday I went out and caught some big waves – my bodyboard was flying! Then in the evening, I went kayaking. And I went bodyboarding again yesterday, and felt energetic for most of the weekend. Thanks be to God!

On education, my direction seems to have become a bit clearer. I now think a full-fledged graduate degree is not viable for me. I thought I might enter the two year program at Cranmer House. But a closer look at the catalog revealed that their “two year” program is over 20 courses! That certainly increases my appreciation of those who commit to a seminary education. (The three year program a candidate for the priesthood undergoes is much more, of course.)

But that’s more than I want to commit myself to. I never was a perpetual student. When I was at Duke, I’d look at those who looked forward to years of graduate education . . . and was glad I’m not them. I love educating myself, but years and years of school is not for me.

There is a less ambitious Certificate in Christian Ministry distance learning program at Reformed Episcopal Seminary and some very interesting distance courses at Trinity Seminary (Thanks, Texanglican.) as well as at Cranmer House. And my rector, unbeknownst to me, has been thinking about starting an independent study program. And -- who knows? -- I dream of spending a term taking a course or two and going to Evening Prayer every day at Oxford or Cambridge. Some combination of those looks likely.

Whether that would ever meet the academic requirements for the diaconate (which I have thought about) is iffy. But I don’t have to become a deacon. I do have a burning desire to further my education, particularly in liturgics and church history.

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