Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Impaired Communion at General Convention

It’s becoming clear a number of the orthodox going to General Convention will not participate in the Eucharists there nor in the (false) teaching times. Pittsburgh deputy David+ Wilson has publicly said he won’t.

I think that is the right approach. Were I going to General Convention I could not conscientiously participate in the Eucharists. Fellowship with –Swing, –Chane, -Robinson etc.? No way! Pretending that we’re all Christians here in the midst of rampant apostasy is a grave error. And scripture makes clear willful unrepentant apostasy precludes Eucharistic fellowship.

Too much pretending before 2003 is one reason the Episcopal Church is in its current mess. Before then, ECUSA engaged in any number of apostasies with few clear consequences even from most conservatives (other than those quietly leaving, of course).

If you act as if cancers are just healthy cells like the rest of us, you invite death.

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