Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Truth Comes Out.

Two diocean conventions caught my eye by making it quite clear that ECUSA revisionists don’t give a gradual about the Anglican Communion.

First was the Spong clone Bishop of Newark’s address
to his convention in which he made clear that marching lockstep with the revisionist gay agenda is more important than the Anglican Communion.

He even suggested that unity in the Anglican Communion has become “an idol.” The irony of that statement is rich, considering how many things uberliberals like him have put before God and His Word. The Diocese of Newark has been Idolatry Central for many years.

More subtle, but perhaps more outrageous was the convention of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia. Not only did they decline to accept the Windsor Report, most of the delegates didn’t even consider it worthy of their time to read the thing. Note this choice paragraph from the linked Roanoke Times article:

But other delegates expressed reluctance to "accept" a document which, by a show of hands, at least half the delegates said they had not read all the way through.

Look. I, of short attention span, can read the Windsor Report in two or at most three sittings. And how many months has it been out? Yet these delegates didn’t take their responsibilities to their convention and to the Anglican Communion seriously enough to even read it. That is outrageous.

The convention took the usual mainline cop-out of calling for “study” of the Windsor Report. WHY DON’T YOU TRY READING IT FOR STARTERS?

To get further color on what is really thinly veiled contempt for the Anglican Communion and the Windsor Report, read comment #10 on the linked TitusOneNine post.

These revisionists, apostates, and tag-alongs have made it clear that they really don’t care for the Anglican Communion. It’s past time to kick. them. out.

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