Friday, February 04, 2005

Churchly Quality Control XIII: Just say no to more “dialogue” and “study.”

I’ve noted on this blog that a frequent tactic of mainline denomination liberals attempting to consolidate their gains (and of wimps afraid to take a stand on controversial issues) is to call for more “dialogue” and “study.”

Now, obviously, real dialogue and study is important. But more often than not, when you hear of calls for supposed dialogue and study from mainline liberals and moderates, it’s a cover for putting off issues and for putting up roadblocks to the orthodox. Often, it’s also a cover for continuing liberal policies while pretending to listen to those who oppose them. Such so-called dialogue serves no good purpose. It’s just a political ploy.

So – surprise, surprise – there are calls for yet more dialogue and study from Episcopal gay activists and their supporters ahead of the Primates meeting.

There comes a time when the orthodox should refuse to play that game. There comes a time to take a stand and say, “No, we will dialogue no further about what is right. We will do what is right.”

Now is such a time.

It is quite clear there will be no repentance or even moratoriums from North American Anglican liberals. While they call for “holy listening” they engage in unholy steamrolling, pressing forward their agenda and squeezing those who stand in the way. Supposedly listening to people before you crush them as intended is pretense.

The orthodox must not participate in that malevolent pretense.

For the sake of the Faith, for the sake of those being squeezed for defending the Faith, for the sake of the integrity of Anglicanism, orthodox Anglican leaders must say no to putting off action for yet more “dialogue” and “study.” This is a time, not for faux dialogue, but for action -- for firm church discipline.

Pray for the Primates meeting.

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