Tuesday, February 08, 2005

St. Valentine’s Family Church

It still amazes me how some churches can be so cluelessly insensitive to those who aren’t happily married with 2.5 children.

Take the (mercifully unnamed) subject of this discussion thread for instance. This church plans to have a service entitled “Be my Valentine.” The mushfest will include all the married couples being invited to come up and renew their wedding vows.

And – here’s where it gets good – it will be the MAIN SUNDAY SERVICE!

Did the leaders of this church give no thought for the pain this would cause those who are unhappily married or unhappily single . . . or widowed? There was one long period in my life when such a service would have made me deeply miserable.

I do not exaggerate. In fact, Valentine’s Day itself used to be so unhappy for me, I made a point to ignore it. (Now I have fun by trashing the day and accosting mushy couples, but I digress.)

If they want to have a separate service for this sort of thing, fine. I might then ask if they do special things for singles. But to make this the main Sunday service is just incredibly . . . . It’s just incredible. (I’m trying to be nice for Lent.)

Heck, why don’t they just give up any and all pretense of giving a flip for singles and rename themselves St. Valentine’s Family Church.

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