Thursday, February 24, 2005

Primate watch (or Where’s Griswaldo?)

The Primates meeting concludes tomorrow, and Anglicans worldwide are antsy. As David Virtue reports, there is quite the information lockdown. No leaks, cell phones not being answered, etc.

There are a few tantalizing possible clues, however. At the evensong service, orthodox Primates were notably more cheerful than certain liberal ones. And most amusing is the group photo of the Primates. In the photo, finding ++Griswold is harder than finding Where’s Waldo. (He’s waaaay in the back – and not looking nearly as happy as Waldo.)

Of course, jumping to conclusions would be foolish. But this is more fun than Kremlin watching or Where's Waldo. . . . And I admit I am optimistic now.

(For those too young to remember Kremlin watching, among other things, photos of Soviet Union leaders at public appearances were deciphered to determine who was rising in or falling out of power.)

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