Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Choral Evensong rocks! . . . Well, you know what I mean.

For some reason, I’m a bit foggy-brained to write much today. (Of course, some may think I’m that way all the time.) But I’m very excited to see the schedule for BBC Choral Evensong. Next week on Ash Wednesday, it comes from Westminster Cathedral, which has been excellent in the past. On March 9th will be Canterbury Cathedral itself. Then on March 23rd during Holy Week, it will come from . . . KING’S COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE!! Yessssssssss!

If you’re not in the U.K. and want to listen to these, you can listen online. They come on live at 10am Dallas time on Wednesdays. If you miss it live, you can listen whenever you want for a week. Here’s a handy page.

(This week’s from Durham Cathedral was nice, although the lady cantor was a bit hard on my ears.)

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