Thursday, February 24, 2005

Crazy Afternoon

First there was a leak from the Primates meeting. Then I got an e-mail urging me not to pass on the leak for fear of jeopardizing the Primates’ agreement.

Then the Primates released their communiqué early, probably in response to the leak.

I’m not sure what to think. The agreement is not as strong as I had hoped. But my initial thinking is that this is a victory for Anglican orthodoxy IF the very Anglican polite words are implemented with firmness.

Notable is that the Primates did not endorse the Windsor Report’s call for Primates to stop intervening in other dioceses. And the agreement appears to be somewhat stronger than the Windsor report on providing for dissident orthodox parishes and dioceses.

So I’m positive. But again, the issue is how firmly will this agreement be implemented.

And for good or ill, it appears the expected split in the Anglican Communion is at least delayed and made gentle for now.

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