Wednesday, February 16, 2005

No one expects the English Inquisition!?!

I hope you’re sitting down. Are you? In fact, find a Comfy Chair. Ready? O. K., then.

The Church of England is actually considering having heresy trials for clergy.

Yes. Shocking. But wonderful!

I strongly feel that the church must exercise church discipline against heretic and apostate clergy, especially those who are willfully so. To refuse to do so puts aside a vital God-mandated tool in defending the Faith, the integrity of the Church, and the souls of the people.

Yes, there will always be phonies and wolves. But the church should make darn sure they aren’t in the pulpits (much less wearing pointy hats).

Such common sense has sadly been lacking in most large Western church bodies for years. So to see this news is a breath of fresh air.

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