Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Catholic Charities Supports Obama’s Immigration Action (But Fed Judge Doesn’t)

Just after my bedtime overnight, there was good news, for a change, on immigration. Federal Judge Andrew Hanen issued a temporary injunction against Obama’s Executive Immigration Action at the request of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Granted, this is only one ruling of many to come.  But it is important to stop Obama as much as possible before a final resolution of this dispute. Once millions of illegals are supposedly legalized, that would be very difficult to undo.  Obama cannot be allowed to put facts on the ground with impunity.

If you wish to dig into the legal details of the ruling, here and especially here are good places to start.

By the way, I know readers may not agree with me on immigration.  But I would hope we agree that Presidential dictates violating the Constitution and the rule of law are not the right way to reform immigration.

But if you are fine with Obama’s tyrannical acts on this matter . . . well then shame on you.

Speaking of supporting tyranny, I noticed this poster at what was a favorite Mexican food spot:

I know enough Spanish to know that the poster promotes an effort to assist both illegals and Obama in breaking the law by assisting illegals to take advantage of his illegal immigration action.

And look who is supporting this as noted on the lower right hand of the poster – Catholic Charities.

This is not the first time Catholic Charities has supported Obama’s tyranny.  They, particularly its new president, Sister Donna Markham, cheerleaded Obamacare even while many Roman Catholics were opposing its attack on religious freedom and support of abortion-on-demand.

It is sad that there are always those who use Christ’s name to support tyranny.  Catholic Charities are among them.

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