Monday, February 09, 2015

Obama-Crusade Linkfest

First, I think I owe my readers an apology.  I’ve studied medieval church history at Oxford no less and should be able to debunk Obama’s statement last week at the National Prayer Breakfast in my sleep.

But sometimes a statement that is off is wrong is so many ways that it takes a lot of time and effort to give it the thorough debunking it deserves.  I just did not feel that in me last week.

So I hoped I would come across one powerhouse article or item that would put Obama in his place and do the hard work for me.  But I just did not find it although this tweet comes very close:

But I did come across a very good collection of links and excerpts late in the week.  So I commend these to you.

And here is a 2009 book review at First Things that is more relevant than ever.

And I hope I will be better prepared the next time the Crusades are dredged up and twisted to excuse Islamist evil.

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Maxine Schell said...

How strange to start history with the Christian if nothing went before.