Monday, February 23, 2015

Obama the Historian

When Obama finally leaves the White House, I’m sure he could get a plum tenure somewhere, at Harvard perhaps, as an authority on the history of Islam and of America’s founding . . . or perhaps not.

“Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

Nice try, Mr. President.  But, as Ben Shapiro, writing for Breitbart, notes, the first Muslims did not immigrate to the United States until well after the Civil War; and the first mosque in the United States was not built until 1915, by most reports.  Shapiro goes on to say:

“Islam had zero impact on the founders or their philosophy – less than zero, given that the founders despised the religion, or what they knew of it.”

Which is understandable given the founders, particularly Thomas Jefferson, had to deal with the Muslim Barbary pirates.  But Obama botched that bit of history as well.  Read here to get more color on that.

Christopher Johnson also goes to town on Obama’s comments.

So perhaps Obama ought to stick to community organizing after his presidency. . . . Oh heck, who am I kidding?  Higher education in the U. S. is so devolved and corrupted, any number of universities would love to have Obama use them to push his falsehoods.  Revisionist liars historians have to be combated and debunked in every generation thanks to corrupted academia.

By the way, is there any subject about which Obama will not tell falsehoods?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Hussein Obama can go to the middle east and be the grand caliph.