Friday, February 06, 2015

Report: Brian Williams Will Not Be Punished (I don’t believe it.)

Yes, there is a report out that Brian Williams will not be punished for his serial lies on his helicopter ride in Iraq.  But I do not believe it.  With even Tom Brokaw appalled and wanting Williams’ “head on a platter,” it is difficult for me to see how Williams can keep his job.  And surely NBC values its undeserved credibility more than that.

But one conservative devoutly hopes he does indeed keep his job, and it is hard for me to disagree.

If the network continues to keep a serial fabricator on board, it will convince many of those who still buy what the press is selling that something is fundamentally wrong. That would be a fantastic development, because something is fundamentally wrong. The self-described watchdogs have instead become the left’s gatekeepers. The sooner everyone appreciates that, the better it will be for all.

Perhaps the 15-point head start Evan Thomas once boasted that press bias often gives Democratic Party political candidates in contested elections might begin to disappear. Legislative proposals might once again be discussed on their merits instead of being pre-judged favorably or unfavorably based on who is presenting them. The whole truth about the nation’s dire financial and economic circumstances, its outrageous cronyism and corruption, and the two-party, one-mindset elitists who run it, might finally penetrate the minds of everyday, non-news junky Americans.

We can always dream. Keep that dream alive, NBC. Keep Brian Williams right where he is.

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Maxine Schell said...

Dream on, Wannabe !