Friday, June 22, 2012

Opening Mass of Fortnight for Freedom in Corpus Christi

Last night, I attended the opening Fortnight for Freedom Mass at Corpus Christi Cathedral.  And if that service is any indication, the Fortnight is off to a good start.

I arrived 15 minutes early, but the large sanctuary was already filling up, and it indeed did almost fill up.  I was not expecting that at all for a weekday mass. 

The service and liturgy was well done.  Trying to endure a horrific mass at St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe recently (about which I may post sordid details at some point) made me appreciate the reverent liturgy at Corpus Christi that much more.

One of the items added to the liturgy was a Litany for Liberty.  And there were some patriotic aspects such as singing God Bless America for the recessional hymn.  But the patriotism was neither overbearing nor inappropriate.

It was a very substantial service with an unrushed sermon by Bishop Mulvey, and with so many there, receiving the sacrament took a while.  But I was surprised to see it all took exactly 90 minutes and no more.  Now I don’t mind a longer service if done well.  But since I deferred dinner until after the mass, I appreciated the efficiency.

I am glad I went and am glad to see the Fortnight for Freedom off to a good start in the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

Side notes:

Being Anglican, I could not receive the sacrament, of course.  But I wanted to receive a blessing so I went forward.  I expected to go to a priest nearby, but was ushered to a line to the front instead. . . . And the line led straight to the Bishop of Corpus Christi himself.  Yes, I received a blessing from him.
When I left, I received one of those wonderful saint cards.  It was of “St. Thomas More, Patron of Religious Freedom.”  I later found the card online.

Now Thomas More was a man of courage and conviction, but a “Patron of Religious Freedom”?  The Protestants he persecuted might disagree with that. 

“Patron of Opposition to Tyrants” would be more accurate . . . and appropriate given the current occupant of the White House.

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SO GLAD TO Here there was big crowd there