Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sen. Cornyn Calls on Holder to Resign

Yesterday, in a hearing, in his face if you will, Senator John Cornyn called on Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

He is certainly not the first to call on Holder to resign.  Far from it.  But his call is significant.  First, Cornyn is no firebreather.  (And this occasional firebreather has been annoyed with him at times.)  And he is a past Attorney General himself as well as a Texas Supreme Court Justice.

Second, there is the venue chosen.  He didn’t call on Holder to resign in a letter or a press conference, but in a Senate hearing with Holder himself testifying.

I am particularly heartened that one of the reasons Cornyn cited for his call was Holder stopping states from taking steps to prevent vote fraud.  Holder has been transparently enabling election fraud – even defying a past Supreme Court decision allowing Voter ID laws – and it is high time he is taken to task for it.

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