Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Yee Arrest Exposes “Democrat Operatives With By-Lines”

I would hope none of my well informed readers have any doubts that the U. S. “mainstream” “news” media are more interested in lib/left propaganda than in actual news.  But if any doubt, I invite them to examine national “news” media coverage, nay the lack thereof, of the Leland Yee arrest.

Leland Yee is a California Democrat State Senator and candidate for CA Secretary of State (or was) who has been all about gun control.  But now he has been arrested for alleged gun trafficking for starters, with Filipino Muslim terrorist groups no less.  Gun control for you serfs; gun running for him.

It makes for a very interesting story, does it not?  Well the liberal snooze media is not so interested, as Glenn Reynolds points out.  It does not fit their narrative:

The New York Times buried the story as a one-paragraph Associated Press report on page A21, with the bland dog-bites-man headline, "California: State Senator Accused of Corruption." This even though Yee was suspended, along with two others, from the California state senate in light of the indictment.

CNN, home (also until last week) of Piers Morgan, whom Yee had praised for his anti-gun activism, didn't report the story at all.

Moreover, the story did not even appear on CNN’s search engine.  And I searched for “Leland Yee” just now at CNN, and the story still is not there.  But his pushing a bill about violent video games back in 2010 is.  Yet . . .

When prodded by viewers, the network snarked that it doesn't do state senators. Which is odd, because searching the name of my own state senator, Stacey Campfield, turns up a page of results, involving criticisms of him for saying something "extreme". Meanwhile, CNN found time to bash Wisconsin state senator and supporter of Gov. Scott Walker, Randy Hopper over marital problems.

But there's a difference. They're Republicans. When Republicans do things that embarrass their party, the national media are happy to take note, even if they're mere state senators. But when Democrats like Yee get busted for actual felonies, and pretty dramatic ones at that, the press suddenly isn't interested.

And it is also interesting that when the snooze media does report on busted Democrooks, they often neglect to mention the party of the perp.

It's almost as if "what's news" is just a synonym for "what advances the narrative chosen by the Democratic Party." The question that "news" operations like CNN may want to ask is, how many people are really interested in getting their news from party organs.

Exactly.  Again, with “news” media conduct through the decades and now with their disinterest in the Leland Yee gunrunning arrest, is there any doubt that most of “mainstream” “news” media are simply Democrat operatives with by-lines?

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