Monday, March 31, 2014

Gene Robinson, Tool of Persecutors

It will not surprise that I have never been a fan of Gene Robinson.  But I did not realize how genuinely evil this man is until I read his latest vomit opinion piece over the weekend.  (And, yes, I did sleep on this before posting as is my policy when I am really angry.)

His answer to the plight of those businesspeople who are being threatened with punitive fines and closure for refusing to participate in gay weddings is to deny that they are being victimized at all.  Attacks on freedom of religion?  What attacks on freedom of religion?  His words:

Then, as if to confirm their worst fears, photographers are being compelled to offer their services for gay couples’ weddings (New Mexico), bakers are being made to provide wedding cakes for gay wedding receptions (Colorado), and florists must provide flower arrangements to beautify gay wedding celebrations (Washington). It is important to point out that this is only true for weddings in states where a non-discrimination law is in effect to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation—which, by the way, is only in 21 of the 50 states.

Appeals to the courts are being made for “relief” for this violation of the service providers’ “freedom of religion” and “religious liberty,” claiming that forced compliance with such anti-discrimination laws is a violation of the providers’ free practice of their religion. Indeed, the language used in defiance of these anti-discrimination laws takes on the language of victimization. These providers feel as though they are victims of discrimination themselves based on their religious beliefs.

But I have to ask: are religious conservatives confusing the pain of finding oneself “suddenly” in the minority with actually being a victim? Both feel uncomfortable, even painful, and are fraught with anxiety. But they’re very different.

And then he goes on with his usual prima donna act about how gays are sooo victimized today. (And some surely are.  But so also are straights, conservatives, those with large noses, those with large bellies, and those pasty white crackers.) But then he has the gall to deny that Christians who simply do not want to participate in gay weddings are being victimized or having their freedom of religion attacked at all.  He even uses scare quotes when referring to their “freedom of religion” and “religious liberty.”

Instead, he repeatedly states such are simply experiencing the discouragement of being in a minority now.  In fact, he concludes:

I do not mean to brush aside as inconsequential the feelings of those who find themselves in the minority, [ED – Yes you do.] whether it be around the topic of gender, race, or sexual orientation. But I do mean to question characterizing such feelings as discrimination, violation of religious freedom, and victimization. It’s time we called out our religious brothers and sisters for misunderstanding their recently-acquired status as members of a shrinking minority as victims.

In others words, “You homophobic Christians are the minority now.  Us gays are winning.  And now you have deal with it.  Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah, nyah nyah.”

So those who are having their freedom of religion attacked are simply
“misunderstanding” their status.

The next thing you know, “Bishop” Gene will call for “re-education” of those who “misunderstand” their status.  I now would not put it past him.

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