Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Housekeeping and a Dead Archbishop Imposter

I have procrastinated about it, but this morning I finally updated my links over on the right sidebar.  I deleted a few zombie blogs for one thing.  No offense to zombies or to the blog authors I hope.

More importantly, I’ve added what has become my favorite blog, Ace of Spades.  Be aware it is not a Christian blog nor claims to be one.  But it is so darn interesting, eclectic, funny, and on target most of the time.  And the “moron” commenters . . . wow, just wow.  If you can handle occasional naughty language, do check it out.  I’ve also added Instapundit, which is more restrained and but is also a favorite of mine and very informative.

But what goaded me to finally update my links was a certain one that cried out for deletion.  I will not even dignify it with a link in this post.  But a notorious imposter of the ashes of Thomas Cranmer did something Cranmer would never do.  He equated those who reject World Vision USA’s acceptance of gay “marriage” to those who passed by the wounded man in the parable of the Good Samaritan.  He even so smeared Justin Taylor (who has adopted orphans), Russell Moore, and Denny Burk by name.

This is a vicious smear indeed that chooses to overlook that these Christian gentlemen and those of like mind can and do help the poor through means other than World Vision.  (I’ve mentioned that ARDF is my favorite relief organization.)  I’ve disagreed with the ashes imposter before, but I could respect his boldness and thoughtfulness as I did so.  I do not know what has come over him now, but he has crossed the line.  I not only cannot recommend him any longer; I doubt I will be back at his blog with any frequency.  I felt removing him from the link list needed to be done post haste.

I hope this is not too unpleasant, but some wrongs need to be called out and countered immediately.  (And, yes, I did let him know of my displeasure and of my response in his comments.)


Amie Holladay said...

I'm so glad to read this from you. I had the same sort of confused shock when I read the piece. I actually read it through a couple of times because I was sure I was misunderstanding something, that that surely couldn't be what he was trying to say. Thank you for being willing to call this out.

Mark said...

Thanks, Amie.

I too was floored and had to read it two or three times to be sure myself.