Tuesday, April 29, 2014

OUTRAGE: Presbyterian Agency Denies Christians Are Persecuted

It never fails.  Several times a year, the mainline Presbyterian “Church” does something that makes me glad I left that putrid denomination decades ago.  But the latest act is outrageous even by Presbyterian standards.  I am at a lack for polite words, so I’ll get right to it.

In response to a resolution addressing worldwide persecution of Christians, the Presbyterian Mission (HA!) Agency Board (PCUSA) responded thus:

The Church is called to prayer for those who suffer due to their faith. The Presbyterian Mission Agency reminds commissioners and advisory delegates the suffering of the church in the world is not only due to “persecution”, but there are many factors involved. These include geopolitical and economic factors. The General Assembly should consider all the factors that result in and contribute to sectarian violence. Use of the word “persecuted” mischaracterizes the nature of the maltreatment of Christians in the world, and in many cases would be an unhelpful exaggeration.

So Christians aren’t really persecuted, and saying they are is often “an unhelpful exaggeration”?  To get an idea what an outrageous statement this is, go to Open Doors and look around for a few minutes if you have the stomach to handle it.  For a “church” to deny that Christians are being persecuted in the world is vile.  It is not only unchristian; it is inhuman.

The church has long honored its martyrs and suffering confessors, both past and present.  For a Presbyterian agency to deny the nature of their suffering today . . . . Oh that’s right.  The PCUSA is no longer part of God’s Holy Church.  It proved that decades ago.

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