Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Which is the Party of the Rich?

I should say right off that I am not interested in class warfare, unless its (non-violent) warfare against the ruling class.  And, unlike many, I appreciate those who use their wealth for good ends.  But I do want to do my part to blow up that old meme that the Republican Party is the Party of the Rich.

I have my issues with the Republican Party, but the numbers indicate that the Democrat Party is more the Party of the Rich.  Check out Matthew Continetti’s article, particularly page 3 where most of the numbers are.

Seven of the ten richest counties in the country voted for Barack Obama in 2012, many of them by huge margins. Six of the ten are in the Washington, D.C., metro area, which has benefited from government employment and payment regulations, from government contracting, and from consulting, lobbying, and lawyering for clients petitioning the government. The median income of Falls Church City, Va., is $121,250 dollars. In 2012, Falls Church City voted for Obama 70 percent to 30 percent.

Democrats represent eight of the ten richest congressional districts in the country. Democrat Carolyn Maloney represents the district with the highest per capita income of $75,479. Outgoing congressman Henry Waxman represents the district with the second-highest per capita income of $61,273. The only two Republicans on the list are Representative Leonard Lance, whose New Jersey district ranks seventh, and outgoing Representative Frank Wolf, whose Virginia district ranks tenth. The average per capita income of Democratic House districts is $1,000 more than Republican ones.

Do read him to find out more.  What gets my blood boiling is that six of the ten richest counties in the U. S. are in the Washington, D. C. area and that they vote heavily Democrat.  So these people are getting rich off us taxpayers, and they vote to keep looting us.

If I had my druthers the District of Columbia would be expanded to swallow up these parasites so they would no longer have representation in the House and Senate.  But since that is not happening, I am warming to the idea of an Article V Constitutional Convention.  It is past time for the rest of the country to take power away from the Washington area Feds and their affluent and parasitic supporters.

Hat tip to Ace.

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Warren said...

So they should vote Republican so they can become poor like everyone else? Americans can be a real mystery at times.