Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Why We Must Fight the Leftists and Their Thought Police

We have seen in the past hundred years that there are times when detachment from civic and political life is not an option.  When the bad guys in civic and political life are not just wrong-headed and not just evil even, but are determined that people who choose not to support their evil are punished.  Allowing the Nazis and the Communists to take power bit by bit were not viable options.  And trying selfishly to stay detached from it all hardly worked.  To paraphrase some dark humor, you may not be interested in totalitarians, but totalitarians are interested in you.

We are now at such a time.  Totalitarian-minded Leftists, among whom the Pink Shirts are just one manifestation, are taking more and more power in American political and civic life.  And they are not satisfied with defeating their freedom-minded opposition.  They want to vilify and crush them, not unlike their totalitarian forebears, with cries of “bigot” and “racist” and “homophobe” and the like and with demands for firings and boycotts.  And, as in the 20th Century, these are only the beginning. 

Us of a mindset of traditional values and freedom are the new “Dirty Jews” of the Fascists, to be vilified, ostracized, and worse.  Just as in the Soviet Union, being an open Jew or not a member of the Communist Party made one a 3rd Class citizen, if even that, today’s Leftists want to do likewise with those who do not agree with them.  (More noble-minded people of the Left, such as Andrew Sullivan, are excepted from this critique.  But they are a shrinking minority.)

That is the direction the United States is now heading.  We used to have an unspoken agreement (if imperfectly adhered to) that we contest for our values in the public sphere, but we have enough genuine tolerance for political adversaries that we respect their freedoms to speak, associate, and live that we value for ourselves.  The Leftists are shattering that agreement every day.

And we cannot rely on the Constitution or the law or the Supreme Court to protect us.  For the Supreme Court is but one vote away from turning Constitutional rights protecting the individual from the predations of those in control of the state into collective rights.  And even now, the Supreme Court will not even hear the case of a photographer who does not want to be forced by New Mexico law to take photographs against his conscience.

I revere the Constitution.  But when every branch of the Federal Government breaks their oaths to defend the Constitution, we can no more stop the Leftist thugs with the Constitution than we can stop drug gangs by reading to them the Ten Commandments.  We have trusted the government to defend us.  But the government itself is attacking our freedoms and threatening to become even worse in so doing. 

I regret that we as a country have gotten to this point, but it is time to fight and stop the Leftists and their Thought Police by whatever means are ethical, effective, and necessary.  We may not win.  But doing nothing will ensure that we will lose and head for a gulag that is oh-so “tolerant” and “inclusive.”  Jay Caruso has summarized the situation well, concluding (I’ve edited his saltly language slightly.):

This is the United States of America. Yet we have a reached a point where people have to fear for their jobs because a bunch of self appointed leftist [jerks] believe they get to determine what people are and are not allowed to think or believe.

[Imprecations upon them.]

There needs to be serious push back against these left-wing fascists because where does it end? Today it’s a donation to a cause the hard left deems inappropriate. Tomorrow it will be a politician you voted for. Then they’ll go after the websites you like to frequent…. The list can go on for quite some time.

We have a choice to make. We can either kick these punks back into their little sewer of “tolerance” or we can allow them to continue to permeate our culture, attempting to shame the masses into believing exactly as they do.

I choose the former.

As do I.  As. Do. I.

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