Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Downfall XII: Why Democrats Shut Down the Govt (Or ads that write themselves)

Ignore the snooze media spin for a minute.  (And I happened to see the end of the NBC Nightly News last night.  It was so over the top.  You’d almost think all the animals in the national parks are gonna DIE!)  The EXTREMISTS of the House offered the Senate a reasonable compromise to avert a partial government shutdown – delay the Obamacare individual mandate for a year and no special Obamacare deals for Congress.

Several Democrats publicly and no telling how many privately want to delay Obamacare.  Whatever your views of it, it is not ready for prime time, and the fall out from that will likely hurt Democrats in 2014.  And voting against special deals for Congress is good politics and good policy.  Harry Reid and Obama would have taken that deal in a minute if they had any decency and common sense and did not want a shutdown.

But as I posted yesterday, they do want a shutdown.  Thus every Senate Democrat, including vulnerable ones up for election in 2014, voted for Obamacare now (again) and for special deals for Congress and for a shutdown.

Can you say “ads that write themselves”?

(Yes, there was a typo in my tweet.  Pre-coffee?)

The rampant media spin is that this episode will hurt Republicans.  And – who knows? – there are enough stupid voters that it might.

But don’t be too sure about that.

If Obamacare and this foolish insistence on it NOW does cost Obama the Senate in 2014, he could be the lamest of lame ducks.  And he’ll only have himself, not Bush and not the FAR RIGHT, to blame.

Downfall is an ongoing series anticipating and tracking what I expect will be the self-destruction of Obama.

The first post may be found here.  The series may be found here.

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