Monday, September 30, 2013

Democrats Lazy as Their Govt Shutdown Nears

Face it.  The Democrat politicos want this government shutdown.  And if there is a shutdown, it will be their doing.

Why can I be so dogmatic?  For one thing, the Democrat Senate’s work schedule – or lack thereof.  Whereas, the Republican House worked this past weekend and voted through a reasonable compromise on Obamacare, the Senate was absent . . . and doesn’t reconvene until 2pm today.

And Obama?  He played golf, of course


Small Farmer in The City said...

The Senate operates on a different schedule and with different rules than the House under Republican and Democrat administrations. The Senate Majority Leader has already informed the House Leadership of the Senate Majority's position on submission on anything other than a clean Continuing Resolution. And until something passes both Houses of Congress there's nothing for Mr. Obama to do....true?

Reactionaries would best be advised to get in the game if they want their POV to have some leverage.

Mark said...

No. Not true. Obama could agree to a delay of Obamacare for everyone instead of just cronies and others he's trying to please. If Obama would agree to a delay (which many Democrats secretly want), it would fly through Congress.