Monday, September 23, 2013

This is what happens when you ask too many questions in Obamerica.

A Maryland dog-and-pony show, complete with disallowed and edited questions (Only written pre-screened questions were allowed.), pushing the CORE curriculum was more than one concerned father could take sitting down.  So he rose up and dared to ask a real question.

Or perhaps I should say he tried to ask a question.  For he was repeatedly interrupted by the liberal fascists in charge and forcibly taken out of the meeting by a thug brown shirt policeman.  Watch for yourself:

As if that is not bad enough, because he did not properly kiss the brown shirt’s feet, he is charged with 2nd degree assault on a police officer, a charge which comes with a possible 10 years in prison.

So this is what happens if you ask too many questions in Obamerica.

How long are we going to take this from Obama and his allies and thugs?  How long?  Are we Americans or sheep?

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