Friday, October 18, 2013

ACNA Restores the Filioque

Back in June, I expressed concern about the draft ACNA Book of Common Prayer reducing the filioque of the Nicene Creed to a footnote.  I noted that greater unity with our Orthodox friends motivated the draft but that I thought it a step too far that would harm overall Christian unity more than help it as unhappiness at the time was indicating.  I instead advocated retaining the filioque but in parentheses. 

Well, the working ACNA BCP has been released.  And I am glad to see the revised BCP does just that.  Kudos to those overseeing the process for this wise decision.

The ACNA BCP is now a working document subject to input and revision.  So I intend to do my part and look it over and comment.  I may post some comments here.


Anonymous said...

Does the use of brackets, an asterisk, and a footnote count as "restoring"? At the very least, these devices look kind of ridiculous on the printed page of what is supposed to be the (pre)final version of that part of the prayer book.

Mark said...

Your question is well taken. My guess is that brackets are the simplest way of indicating that the filioque is optional. I find it a good solution, but understand if you disagree.