Friday, July 12, 2013

The Napolitano Resignation and Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did something odd yesterday even for him.  He threatened to go “nuclear” and change Senate rules to stop filibusters of presidential nominees even though Obama hasn’t had that much trouble getting his nominees through the Senate . . . and that in spite of how awful most of them are.

Why would Reid so stir up the pot for so little gain . . . and with the probability of it backfiring whenever Republicans next gain the Senate?

I think we just found out why this morning.  Janet Napolitano is resigning as Homeland Security Secretary.  And I think Reid knew.

Now if Obama nominates anyone nearly as bad as her as a replacement, there may be and should be a long confirmation fight in the Senate.  I think Reid’s threat yesterday was designed to discourage such opposition to Obama’s nominee, whoever that may be.

Yes, I do connect the dots sometimes.

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BillB said...

Let's ruuuuuuuuumble!!!

This could be a lot of fun. If that jerk Reid is going to do that if Republicans want to impede certain nominees, then, as you said, payback will be a good thing.