Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eric Holder’s Attacks Against Red States and Clean Elections Continue

I should not have been surprised by this morning’s news, but I was.  I thought the Supreme Court, in their Voting Right Act ruling, had said enough of the Justice Department treating some states as if it were 1960 and they were still knee-deep in Jim Crow laws.  And I thought Eric Holder would get the message and turn his efforts elsewhere.

But I have over-estimated Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder yet again

First: Attorney General Eric Holder will announce that the Justice Department will initiate broad nationwide attacks on election integrity measures like Voter ID using the remaining portions of the Voting Rights Act. Last month, the Supreme Court struck down the 1965 triggers that forced 15 states to submit election law changes to Washington D.C. for federal approval.

Second: despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Justice Department announced it will try to recapture Texas under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act by showing the state continues to act with a racially discriminatory intent when passing voting laws.

Meaning Texas would have to continue to pre-clear any election law changes with Holder, with predictable results.  Never mind the Supreme Court and Constitutional Federalism.  Obama and Holder must have the red states, especially Texas, under their thumb and must have their rigged elections.

. . . this announcement is all about the midterm elections. Obama wants the House back, and the Justice Department is again being turned into a political weapon using the cloak of Civil Rights. This has become the new civil rights model. Because Democratic interests are so perfectly aligned with the civil rights establishment — in no small measure because of extreme block voting by American blacks — the DOJ is now an arm of the DNC.


By the way, the penchant of the Obama regime and allies to use race as a weapon is a big reason race relations in this country are plummeting.

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