Monday, July 01, 2013

Pope Francis Should Stop Harming the Liturgy

Among the accomplishments of Pope Benedict XVI is he improved the liturgy of the Roman church by encouraging and facilitating more traditional and less sloppy forms than have prevailed since Vatican II.

There are already signs that Pope Francis not only does not appreciate Benedict’s liturgical reforms but is intent on reversing much of them.  One of the earliest signs of that was his cutting key parts of the Easter Vigil:

One of the most dramatic moments of the Easter Vigil . . . when the pope would share the light of his candle with others until the entire basilica twinkled - was shortened this year as were some of the Old Testament readings.

The Easter Vigil is not supposed to be short.  But you’d think he had a roast in the oven or wanted to beat the Protestants to Luby’s by how he so likes to shorten that and other masses.  Heck, he even checked his watch during his installation!

Now there are rumors that Pope Francis may appoint Archbishop Piero Marini as the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship.  Marini is a divisive figure and no friend of traditional liturgy to say the least.

The liturgy of God’s Holy Church is not about Pope Francis’ personal preferences.  We hear much about his supposed humility.  He needs to exercise enough humility to recognize that Pope Benedict XVI was much more perceptive and wise about the liturgy than he and back off . . . now.  

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