Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Well, that was quick.

Remember a few short days ago when Obama came out for gay marriage?  He said he was all for states’ rights on the issue (SNORT!).
But yesterday, while speaking at a gay fundraiser, of course, he calls for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). 
But the chief purpose of DOMA (signed by Bill Clinton, by the way) was to protect states’ rights on the issue, to ensure that marriage status of gays in Texas would not be decided by Vermont.  And Obama would replace DOMA with . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ?
So much for states' rights.
Now I knew that the president is a habitual liar, but to out himself as one so quickly on this issue is a remarkable accomplishment.
I will say that bait-and-switch is old hat for the gay rights crowd although usually done more artfully than Obama’s prevarications. 
Remember the good old days when gay rights was about “tolerance”?  That soft sell was mere bait and is now long out of fashion.  Now it’s You must support gay marriage, gay adoption and the whole LGQBLTWXYZ agenda, or you’re a BIGOT who should be stopped (or worse (severe language warning))!
Do not be fooled.  The gay rights crowd is all about taking away the rights of those BIGOTS who disagree, be it states rights or freedom of religion or freedom of speech.  We’ve seen that again and again in the U.K.  (The latest being the harassment of Cranmer.)  We are only beginning to see that here in the U.S.
And Obama is enabling that with one side of his mouth while lying about it with the other.
Kudos to David Fischler for pointing that out well.


Antonio Rivera said...


DOMA is unconstitutional. The Full Faith and Credit clause has something to say about states recognizing each other's legal documents. Obama gave up defending it in court some time last year. His opposition to it should not be surprising.

When you express a political position that is based solely in either a theocratic impulse or your disdain for another group of human beings (likely both), then do not be surprised when your opponents label you a bigot and express anger. I don't think a comparison between violent rhetoric on the right vs. the left would come up favorably to your side though.

That said, no one on the bleeding heart left is calling for a restriction on your freedom of speech or freedom of religion. No one is saying that Southern Baptists should be made to perform gay weddings. No one. Prove me wrong, please.

Mark said...

"When you express a political position that is based solely in either a theocratic impulse or your disdain for another group of human beings (likely both)..."

Thanks for proving my point.

And your saying that no one on the Left is trying to restrict my freedoms of speech and of religion amazes and confirms that you are quite ignorant at best.

Bye, thanks for playing.