Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Those who are old enough, remember when food and household product corporations would hype the most trivial changes in their products as “New! Improved!”?
Well, that is exactly what I am doing.  In the past, getting to the home page of this blog has been cumbersome.  But not any more!  There is now a convenient link to the right that takes you directly to “home.”  Wow!
And I’m adding a few other links, too, including one to my BRAND NEW tumblr account, where I will display (mostly) my photography.  4 OUT OF 5 . . . Well, I’ve been told I’m a good photographer at times.
If you go to my tumblr page IN THE NEXT TEN MINUTES, you will receive a special photographic greeting. 
Admittedly, the tumblr site is bare bones at the moment.  I might add comments and spruce it up later.  Then I can hype “NEW! IMPROVED!” again.

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