Friday, May 04, 2012

At Methodist GC, Libchurchers Go Booooo Hooooo

This week the United Methodist General Conference defeated an attempt to weaken its stand against “the practice of homosexuality”.  Overseas delegates, particularly from Africa, were important in defeating said Hamilton-Slaughter motion, which would have replaced language clearly opposing homosexual practice with:
Homosexuality continues to divide our society and the church. All in the United Methodist Church affirm that homosexual persons are people of sacred worth and all are welcome in our churches, but we disagree as a people regarding whether homosexual practices is contrary to the will of God. . . .
And then more nice words, including:
It is likely that this issue will continue to be a source of conflict within the church. We have a choice: We can divide, or we can commit to disagree with compassion, grace, and love, while continuing to seek to understand the concerns of the other. Given these options, schism or respectful co-existence, we choose the latter.
I note that paragraph because the reaction of libchurchers to defeat revealed those words to be little more than just that, words.  They marched into the conference proceedings and disrupted them with chant and song.
Disrupting a church’s meeting like that is not “respectful co-existence”.  It is insufferable self-righteousness and victim-playing that respects neither the processes of church governance nor orthodox Christians and their upholding of traditional morality.  In other words, it is typical libchurcher behavior.  “Moral infants” banging “spoons on their high chairs” has got it about right.
It would greatly improve this and future church synods and conventions of Methodists and of other denominations if those engaging in such behavior were immediately stripped of their badges and banned from such meetings for ten years . . . or at least sent to stand in the corner.

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The Underground Pewster said...

If they don't punish them, they will be back... in force.