Friday, May 11, 2012

Rigged Standing Committee helps rig Crown Nominations Commission

One wishes one could forget the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.  Created in such a way as to undermine the Primates Meeting, it was so stacked with Western liberals that several Southern orthodox openly stopped attending, saying their presence had been rendered pointless.
Such committees then fade into irrelevance, right?  Sadly not in this case.  For the Standing Committee has appointed the Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan to the Crown Nominations Commission tasked to pick the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
As the press release puts it, “The Standing Committee then voted by single transferable vote — the method agreed by the Anglican Consultative Council for all its elections — and Morgan’s name emerged.”
This reminds me of Exodus 32:24.  To paraphrase and adapt, “they threw in their votes, and out came this appointment.”  As if the appointment just happened and was not caused by a perniciously and willfully rigged process.
And after the appointment of --Morgan, I fear the same could be said of whomever the Crown Commission picks.  The appointment of --Morgan is truly egregious.  With the exception of the Presiding Heretic herself, one could hardly think of an appointment more obnoxious to the orthodox.  Unless the commission somehow makes a great pick for Canterbury after all, the credibility of the next Lord of Canterbury is already undermined.
Perhaps the silver lining is that if a good pick is somehow made, no one could say it came from a commission of mossback reactionaries.  But given the blowhard that Morgan is, I would not put it past him to spout off and undermine a reasonable pick for Canterbury.
It is hard to see anything good coming out of this provocative appointment, just as it is hard to see anything good coming out of the stacked Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion.
And I said unto them, Whosoever hath any gold, let them break it off: so they gave it me; and I cast it into the fire, and there came out this calf.

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RMBruton said...

Nothing to fear, I am quite sure that an Open, affirming Catholic will be elected. No need to worry about encroaching Protestantism, its been dealt with.