Monday, May 07, 2012

About Those Empty Seats

An aspect of Obama’s official campaign kick off rallies (as if Obama has ever stopped campaigning) that has gotten much attention in the conservative blogosphere are all those empty seats at Ohio State.
And those empty seats should get some attention.   Ohio State is a rather large university with an enrollment of over 55,000 at their Columbus campus alone.  They are indeed in the midst of their spring term.  (I double-checked.)  The Obama campaign did indeed work “feverishly” to fill up that arena . . . and utterly failed.
I point all this out because if the Obama campaign cannot fill up an arena for a key speech by the The Dear Leader himself in the midst of so many students under such favorable circumstances, it says volumes about what has happened to the enthusiasm of youth for Obama. 
Maybe they are wising up to what Obama is doing to their financial future . . . and present. 

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