Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whither the ACA and APA?

The Anglican Church in America (ACA, and not to be confused with ACNA) has been considering Pope Benedict’s offer of an Ordinariate to Anglicans. And it appears they may instead head in a very direction, of unity with the Anglican Province in America.

A letter from the ACA’s Bishop of the West reveals that he and two other bishops will propose to the ACA House of Bishops later this month intercommunion with the APA with the hope of eventual unity. It would be a reunification as the ACA and APA split roughly twenty years ago.

The letter notes that this move comes after a decided lack of enthusiasm for an Ordinariate. And since the APA is not interested in crossing the Tiber, unity with APA would be a different direction than Rome indeed.

There are nevertheless some in ACA who want unity with Rome. So there may be more difficulties ahead for that jurisdiction. So do join me in praying for them.

As for the APA, I’ve long admired them for their catholic ethos and efforts towards unity with other orthodox Anglicans. I would be glad to see those efforts bear fruit.

The Continuum is following this matter more closely.


Sibyl said...

Mark, Are you a priest and/or part of the APA, ACA, ACNA, TEC or one of the Continuing Anglican churches?

Anonymous said...

I'm a humble lay reader in the REC, which in ACNA.