Thursday, September 09, 2010

Obama, That Great Advocate of “Lean Government”

Back when Bill Clinton was president, I switched channels or turned the sound off when he came on. He always came off as a juvenile delinquent who could tell the most outrageous lies with a straight, but smug face. And it infuriated me off so much, I stopped listening to him for my health’s sake.

But when Obama tells his lies, they are so over the top, he often makes me laugh rather than say unseemly things to the television. I've got to hand it to him - that man can say anything.

A case in point was his big speech yesterday. The whole thing was something of a lie since it was billed as an economic speech. It turned out to be a campaign Republican-smearing stump speech. And it was full of the usual Obama/Democrat themes, complete with comical straw men, scaring on Social Security, and class warfare.

But what made me nearly fall off my chair laughing was the following line:

I believe government should be lean; government should be efficient. I believe government should leave people free to make the choices they think are best for themselves and their families, so long as those choices don’t hurt others.

This from the man who crammed the so-called Stimulus and Obamacare down our throats? This from the president whose budget deficit approaches $1.5 trillion? This from the Dear Leader who is reducing our economic choices through his failure and tax hikes?

Like I said, Obama will say anything. Bill Clinton could portray himself as a paragon of honesty and chastity, and it would not get any more absurd.

By the way, organizers had trouble filling up the venue for Obama’s stand-up routine . . . even on a college campus.


Otherwise said...

Sorry, I have the reaction you had to Billy. I just can't listen. I will hear about it later from people I trust and even that doesn't help much.

This is what helps: I can see November from my house.

Whitestone said...

Obama's 'Lean' Government is kinda like Jack Spratt and his wife. Lean for some and fat, verrrry fat for others. Remember Obama's phrase, 'redistribution of wealth' -what he meant was that he intended use the wealth for promoting his own religious idealogies, socialism, mohammedism, pansexualism, oppressive dictatorships, etc.

In the last 19 months, Obama has increased the debt more than all presidents from Washington to Reagan COMBINED.

He's also promoted homosex and abortion more than any other president has ever done. Here's one of the outcomes of their unbiblical social sculpting.