Monday, September 20, 2010

Video: Obama’s Strange Omission from the Declaration of Independence

Like most of my informed readers, I’ve been aware for several days that Obama excised “by their Creator” from the Declaration of Independence. What I was not aware of until this morning was the strange manner in which he did so. Watch the following video carefully.

Note his blinking and strange expression as he omitted “by their Creator.” This has provoked speculation that the omission was both intentional and spur of the moment. Perhaps, “by their Creator” was on the teleprompter and he skipped it.

I hesitate to join in the speculation. But it is nonetheless disturbing that instead of saying what the Declaration actually says – “by their Creator” – Obama gives us a lot of blinking and a sour expression. Is that Obama’s attitude toward our founding documents?

By the way, Sunday, the Obamas actually went to church . . . an Episcopal Church.

How appropriate.


Mari said...

Oh the church they went to was just a block from the White House. So no biggie.

Anonymous said...

At least he said "all men," thank God. He shamefully waffled by implication on the illegal immigrants (to great ay-yi-yi whoops from half the audience) but at least he spoke English correctly.