Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Jet-set Congressman

My congressman (And I use “my” very loosely.) Democrat Solomon aka “Solobama” Ortiz is quite the traveler, at taxpayer expense, of course.

As the local paper and the Wall Street Journal report, he is among six congressmen being investigated for violating House rules on daily travel cash.

But I find his recent itineraries more interesting. In 2008, he travelled to Colombia, Greece, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, France, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Germany. In 2009, his destinations were Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia, Romania, Italy, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. Again, this is at taxpayer expense.

Yet he could not bring himself to come to town and have a real town hall on Obamacare, which he supported.

And this is just the beginning on how he has abused taxpayers. A recent slick flyer from him that had all the appearances of campaign literature had in very small print that it was mailed at taxpayer expense.

This taxpayer says vote him and his ilk OUT.

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