Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Irony of Sore Loser RINOs

In reflecting on what sore losers establishment Republicans are proving themselves to be in this election cycle, I cannot help but notice the irony.

It is establishment Republicans who have preached to conservatives the importance of uniting around Republican nominees, no matter how liberal, and of accepting a variety of viewpoints in a “big tent” GOP. I got an earful of that back in my days as a precinct chair.

And earlier this year, there was much concern that rogue tea partiers would undermine Republicans and enable Democrats by going third party. And I frankly shared that concern.

But now look. Tea party backed candidates who lost in GOP Senate primaries are supporting the winning Republicans, while the likes of Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and Lisa Murkowski not only do not support the Republican nominee, but go independent or Democrat. These RINOs and their supporters who have preached a unified big tent Republican Party not only confirm that they do not care about Republican values, they reveal they do not care about about the GOP itself. These RINOs only care about their own power.

It’s not for nothing that Sen. Jim DeMint has called out Lisa Murkowski and her ilk as “big tent hypocrite(s)” in a recent fundraising e-mail.

Thus tea partiers are proving themselves to be better and more faithful Republicans than establishment RINOs:

“The tea party activists get involved in Republican primaries, play by the rules, and then the Republican establishment candidate proves that he was never a loyal Republican in the first place and goes rogue. . .”

Who would’ve thunk?

Another interesting theme of this election year is that a sense of entitlement can be an ugly thing. (Perhaps more on that in due time.) Murkowski is a wonderful illustration of that. Appointed by daddy to her Senate seat, she now discards Republicans who dared not see that the seat belongs to her. And the first ad for her write-in campaign barely disguises her contempt for the rest of Alaska’s voters as well.

The sooner we’re rid of her, the better.

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