Thursday, February 04, 2010

Schori Does ACNA a Favor?

There are reports that TEC Presiding Heretic Katharine Schori is in England to try to influence the Church of England Synod against recognizing the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA).

If so, I say . . . thanks!

I really have difficulty seeing her lobbying being well received. The Episcopal Church already has a reputation both for not giving a damn about the Anglican Communion and for pushing its weight around within it beyond its declining numbers. And much of the current divisions within the Church of England itself are fomented by Episcopalians who have moved to England and taken influential positions, particularly in the universities. I suspect at least some in Synod are quietly fed up with that. I am sure few in Synod see themselves in need of more guidance from the Episcopal Church.

So I think Schori’s presence in England will actually help ACNA, reminding many in Synod of the need for ACNA and giving opportunity politely to tell her to buzz off by voting to recognize ACNA. (And that even if she throws Episcopalian $$$ around.)

But that is only my take. If anyone has further insight into this situation and how it is being received, feel free to comment or contact. I am watching Synod with great interest.


Sinner said...

ACNA being recognised in the communion - or indeed by the CoE - has always only ever been a matter of time, of ACNA being willing to wait for a season for the wheels of the church to turn slowly.

The question is: will TEC be thrown out of the communion. Anis' letter (translated out of Anglican fudge) says: throw TEC out of the communion NOW or the entire GS walks.

The GS are preparing

The question of the CoE is not: are you in communion with ACNA. Hey, that could easily be resolved by saying e.g. that "while the current regrettable situation in the US continues, ACNA clergy and laypeople will be treated as if they were still in TEC for the purpose of coming to England" :-)

The question is: will the CoE break with TEC.

Because if it does not - the Global South will break with the CoE and Canterbury, and FCA and FIFUK will then break the CoE!

We wait in faith and pray

Jake Belder said...

Very interesting! I did not know that Schori would be over there. I have a number of friends in the ACNA, so I have been quite interested in following Synod this year. It will be interesting to follow the discussion. I've set my Twitter account to follow the Synod hashtag.