Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obama’s Justice Dept.: Friends of Terrorists

A letter from Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has not gotten much attention, but it sure as heck ought to. In it he admits that nine Obama Justice Department appointees represented or advocated for terrorist detainees before joining Justice.

What the heck? That is like Mafia lawyers joining an organized crime task force. And in fact, Holder acknowledges that those terrorist lawyers “have been authorized to participate in policy and legal decisions regarding detainee matters. . . .” And how is this protecting us from terrorists?

Sen. Chuck Grassley rightly is hot about this and about Holder withholding the names of those appointees:

The country has the right to know what the predilections of people in the Justice Department are toward terrorism, especially if they’re giving constitutional rights to terrorists . . . To me, this is a case of our own public servants or political appointees having an agenda of their own instead of being concerned with the national security of the United States. . . . This letter creates a lot of suspicion about conflicts of interest, and it’s out of character for an administration that promised transparency.

Actually, it is very much in character for the Obama regime – say one thing in public and do another in the back room.

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