Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ft. Worth: Phony Bishop Issues Silly Letter

The Faux Bishop of Ft. Worth, C. Wallis Ohl, has issued a letter purportedly deposing 57 priests and deacons in the real Diocese of Ft. Worth.

Of course, the Diocese of Ft. Worth some time back left The Episcopal Church and is now in the Anglican Church in North America. So Ohl’s letter is rather pointless.

One of the recipients of this letter is shaking in his cassock . . . . No, actually, he is amused and puts the letter into perspective quite well:

I fully expect to receive a letter from Gordon Brown any day revoking my British citizenship, despite the outcome of that little spat between 1775 and 1783. Some people just don't get the message that the ship has long ago already sailed.


MORE: This comment says volumes about how Ohl treats clergy:

Ohl, former Bp. of Northwest Texas, is being true to his nature. After I had begun the process for ordination as a local priest (Canon 9 priest for most of you), he refused to allow me to go forward because of my orthodox stand, telling me that I was “too strong” for the parish. Then he lied to the parish, telling them he had learned things about me that they did not know, hinting that there was something sinister in my past (there isn’t). Way to go, Wally!!

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