Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Christ Church San Antonio “Divided”

The unity of Christ Church San Antonio is yet another victim of the Episcopal Church. In a letter to his Vestry, the always straight-speaking rector Chuck Collins acknowledges that Christ Church “is deeply divided . . . over whether or not to stay in The Episcopal Church.”

The situation is so “polarized” that Collins is convinced the issue must be addressed and soon:

I ask the vestry to forthrightly address the following as soon as possible: Given the deep divisions at Christ Church over the question of our continuing relationship with The Episcopal Church, what is the way forward for this parish family that honors our core values, our love for the Lord, and our love and respect for every member.

Kudos to Fr. Collins for facing the situation head on. And prayers ascend for Christ Church San Antonio.

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wyclif said...

Here's hoping the congregation has the spiritual fortitude to leave the keys on the table and the light on over the front door.